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Welcome to NozawaHotels.com. Your guide to the Nozawa Onsen Ski Resort.

Not only is Nozawa Onsen a world class ski resorts, but it is one of the most popular hot spring resort towns in Japan, and on January 15th each year is also site of one of Japan's most famous festivals, the Nozawa Hi Matsuri.

A real mix of modern and traditional Japan, Nozawa Onsen offers something for everyone. The town center has lots of small Japanese restaurants, bars, and other places to experience Japanese cuisine and culture.

The village also has something else that is slowly disappearing in Japan, the "Soto-Yu". These small bathhouses, 13 in all, are dotted around the village, and are open to anyone. They are free to use, although there is a donation box at each one to help offset the running costs. These are a place to get to know people, as both tourists and the local residents use them.

Accommodation in Nozawa Onsen is almost all Ryokan Style, and one of the charms of that village is that there are no large chains hotels in the village.

While Nozawa Onsen is a large ski resort in itself, there is no need to limit yourself to only 1 resort. The resorts of Togari Onsen, and Madarao Kogen are within easy reach and can be done as day trips out of Nozawa.

Getting to Nozawa Onsen is now easier than ever with the Nagano Snow Shuttle offering direct daily services from Narita Airport.

So what are you waiting for. Great Skiing, Great Experiences, Great times.